Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a happy ending to a serious issue involving the National Education Association:

Last week, we emailed a letter I wrote to the president of the National Education Association, Rebecca S. Pringle, asking her to “terminate [Mollie Paige] Mumau’s membership on the board of directors of the NEA.” I did so after learning that Mumau had posted on Facebook a call to shoot Americans who refused, on religious grounds, to receive a vaccination.

Mumau posted her vile comment on December 7. My letter to the NEA chief was emailed on December 8. On the day of Mumau’s post, she was listed on the website of the NEA as a board member. We checked today and she no longer is.

We pursued this issue after learning from an online news outlet,, that Mumau was no longer employed by McLane  High School in Erie, Pennsylvania. We called the school today to verify this account and found that it was accurate. If she is no longer employed by the school district, then it stands to reason that she cannot serve on the NEA’s board of directors; she has no standing in education.

This is a great victory. “There is no legitimate place in public life for anyone who advocates the mass slaughter of innocent Americans,” I said to Pringle, “and it is doubly offensive that it should emanate from a teacher.”

We did more than write to the president of the NEA. We contacted the NEA Executive Committee, the Executive Officers of the Pennsylvania  State Education Association, the Superintendent of the McLane School District, and the Erie County District Attorney.

We also asked our email subscribers to contact the NEA, providing them with an email address. They made it happen. We are very proud of them.

Cheers everyone! At least some measure of justice has been done.

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