Following the Catholic League’s public statements against the U.S. Navy, an apology was granted to the Knights of Columbus by Captain R.W. Jerome, the officer who had barred the Knights from meeting in a naval chapel in Chesapeake, Virginia.

In the last issue of Catalyst, we reported that Captain Jerome had taken action against the Knights because of their alleged “discrimination” against women. We replied that the Department of Defense bars “unlawful discrimination,” something which the Knights were clearly not guilty of. Captain Jerome offered the apology to national Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight, Virgil Dechant.

Captain Jerome also sent a letter to Edward T. Callahan, a retired Navy commander and grand knight of the local chapter. Callahan then offered the following statement to the press:

“The captain [Jerome] has retracted his charge that we are an unlawfully discriminating organization. He’s apologized for that mischaracterization. We’ve accepted his apology. And we as a community are beginning the process of healing.”

From the beginning, the Catholic League said that it would support whatever decision the Knights of Columbus made—whether to sue or not—and that is why we are very pleased with this outcome. The matter has now been put to rest.

Regarding Lt. Berry, the Becket Fund is now representing him.

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