Bill Donohue comments on the Catholic League’s crèche:

Every year there are many news stories on the unconstitutionality of displaying a nativity scene on public property. Some of those stories are simply wrong.

There can be a problem when the proposed site for the display of religious symbols is on the grounds of a county courthouse, or near some other municipal building (it cannot appear that the government is endorsing religion). But if the property is a public forum, such as a park, that is different. If the area is available for concerts, artistic displays, rallies, and the like, then the government cannot selectively deny religious expression.

If there is any doubt about this issue, then the skeptics need to see the life-size nativity scene in New York City’s Central Park, on the corner of 59th Street and 5th Avenue, courtesy of the Catholic League. It was erected by Ernie Chirico and Joe Agosta of Cross NY on our behalf. The site is known as Grand Army Plaza, situated in front of the Plaza Hotel.

The Catholic League receives a permit from the New York City Parks Department for its crèche. It will be up for 24 days, through the new year.

Merry Christmas to all. And don’t let the anti-Christmas bullies prevail!

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