Take note all ye cultural fascists out to annihilate Christmas: The Catholic League placed a nativity scene on public property in New York City, right in Central Park. We put it on the corner of 59th and 5th so that people taking the 5th Avenue bus downtown couldn’t avoid seeing it.

Every year we get a permit from the New York City Parks Department to display our life-sized crèche in Central Park, and every year there is some atheist group—the ACLU, Freedom From Religion Foundation, etc.—that files suit in federal district court trying to censor nativity scenes. Sadly, many municipalities give in to the tyrants.

The latest gambit by the anti-Christmas Czars is to flood public places with a vast array of cultural symbols. For example, at the Fort Collins Museum in Colorado, in addition to a crèche and a menorah, they are displaying the Indian Diwali Festival of Lights, the Buddhist celebration of Loy Krathong, the Chinese Lantern Festival, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and the Scottish Hogmanay festival.

It is insulting to Christians and Jews to dilute their long-standing holidays in a country founded on Judeo-Christian principles by turning public areas into a junk-yard clutter of cultural artifacts. That is why only the nativity scene and the menorah should be allowed in the same place at this time of the year. The real goal of the cultural fascists is to water down the meaning of Christmas via contrived competition. Let the others find another spot or another time to display their symbols.

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