The issue is abortion. There are protesters and counterprotesters and the tempo is quickening. The police spot a man knelling in front of one group of protesters pretending to be holding a gun, aiming it right at them. The cops seize him and find that in his car he has two military-style rifles and plenty of ammunition. He is arrested on charges of harassment and possession of a loaded gun in a vehicle. But the police can’t figure out which side he was on.

The scenario just described is based on a true story. This is what happened in Rochester, New York in late April. Anti-abortion protesters came to town and were dutifully met by protesters from the other side. One of the counterprotesters, James Krentel, faced the anti-abortion crowd and simulated killing them with a rifle. And yet the police chief exclaimed, “It does not appear that he is affiliated in any way” with either group. In other words, it is just possible that Krentel might have been a pro-lifer.

Believe this and we’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

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