On March 23, the film “October Baby” will hit theatres nationwide and will surely be a hit. The movie is unequivocally pro-life and an invigorating reminder of what truly matters.

The film revolves around the story of Hannah, a college freshman, who discovers that she is the survivor of a failed abortion. Her physical ailments and psychological distress now seem to make sense to her.

Eventually, Hannah meets the nurse who assisted in the failed abortion. Her testimony is the movie’s core. The phrase “nonviable tissue” was used to cover up the horror: “When you hear something enough times,” the nurse says, “somehow you start to believe it.” When the abortion failed, Hannah’s mother came back the next day to finish it, but didn’t realize she was in labor. The nurse took her to the hospital. Hannah had a twin brother. His arm was torn off in the failed attempt. When he was born, the nurse saw him—still alive and trembling. She says, “I didn’t see no nonviable tissue. I saw the face of a child.”

This life-affirming movie appeals not just to adolescents and college kids but also to anyone who realizes that the pro-life cause is the most important civil rights issue of our time, as this movie so vividly illustrates.

When asked about the film, Bill Donohue said, “‘October Baby’ is the most gripping drama ever produced about the central civil rights issue of our time—the right to life. The script is superb, the acting is first-class, and the presentation is flawless. No one who sees this film will ever think the same way again about the tragedy of abortion. Young people, in particular, will find it intensely moving. This is a must-see movie for all Americans.”

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