Muslim violence against Christians in Nigeria exploded in March. According to one newspaper, “dozens of bodies lined the streets” of three Christian villages in northern Nigeria. “Other victims of the weekend’s Muslim fury jammed a local morgue, the limbs of slaughtered children tangled in a grotesque mess.” 

Children were scalped and “officials estimate that 500 people were massacred in night-time raids by rampaging Muslim gangs.” According to one eyewitness account, homes were set on fire and many were decapitated.

We weren’t happy with the way many in the media covered this story. For example, CNN accurately reported on the violence, but hastened to add that “analysts say it would be wrong to assume the conflict was rooted in religion.” Of course: When Muslims massacre Christians, religion never has anything to do with it.

“Some analysts,” the story continued, “believe the weekend slaughter was a revenge attack for the killing of around 150 members” of a Muslim community by Christian mobs. But as we pointed out, after a truce was made, it was Muslim youths, armed with machetes, who broke it. 

CNN also cited an ugly incident in 2001 in the same area. What started the Muslim massacre back then? “A Christian woman had tried to cross the road through a group of Muslims during Friday prayers.” That an innocent Christian woman should be murdered by Muslims in prayer should be enough to convince even the biggest skeptic that there is something really sick going on.


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