The Catholic League has fielded many complaints regarding the extent to which Christmas is being downplayed in the nation’s public schools.  A textbook example is New Britton Elementary School in Fishers, Indiana.

The students at New Britton are being treated to a multicultural understanding of the holiday season.  A school memo dated December 13 describes celebrations already begun and those to come.  Here it is:

“We are learning about Holidays Around the World this week.  We started the week by talking about how we celebrate in Fishers.  We talked about Santa Claus and the reindeer, stockings, cookies, lights and trees.  Tuesday we talked about the traditions in Mexico.  We made piñatas and poinsettias.  We tasted tamales and learned about La Posadas.  Wednesday we will discuss Germany and its traditions of the Christmas tree and gingerbread.  We will read stories, taste gingerbread cookies, sing and do activities.  Thursday we will talk about Scandinavian countries and how they celebrate.  We will make Star Boy hats and St. Lucia wreaths.  Friday, we will learn about Hannakah [sic].  We will hear stories, sing songs and make the Menorah [sic], the star [sic] of David and dreidels.  On Monday the 18th we will do activities and read stories about elves.  On the 19th we will do activities and stories about the Grinch.”

Catholic League president William Donohue remarked as follows:

“Multiculturalism 2000 means instructing kids on the secular meaning of Christmas and the religious meaning of Hanukkah.  They can talk about reindeers but not about Jesus.  They can take pride in the religious roots of other cultures, but not their own.  And they call this ‘diversity.’

“Today the students at New Britton Elementary are learning about the Grinch.  But why bother?  They’ve already mastered this lesson many times over.”

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