Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how Mother’s Day is being handled by the LGBT crowd:

How do two homosexual men, who tell their adopted children that they are their fathers—which is patently untrue—tell these kids that they can’t celebrate Mother’s Day?

How do two lesbians, who tell their adopted children that they are their mothers—which is patently untrue—explain to these kids that they can celebrate Mother’s Day with both of them, knowing full well that their friends have one mom (and a real one at that)?

When it comes to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, LGBT parents and kids are in a dilemma. Many resort to lying.

Riverview Elementary School in Snohomish, Washington has cancelled Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Why? Such events, school officials reason, act as “triggers” for students. What about gay pride events at the school? They’re okay. They have even scheduled a drag show for children.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Snohomish is a Seattle suburb populated mostly by “well-educated,” wealthy white people. So typical.  It’s almost always rich white people who have stayed in school for too long—they are not necessarily well-educated—who succumb to radical ideologies. So it is not surprising that they would want to censor Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Most African Americans, Asians and Hispanics will not cancel these days, and neither will working-class whites—just the affluent left-wing white people with college or graduate school degrees.

News stories about two strange celebrities caught in the Mother’s Day quagmire were published May 9.

Marcia Gay Harden bragged that “my children are all queer.” She was quite detailed about her achievement. “My eldest child is nonbinary. My son is gay. My youngest is fluid.” Given the status of her “nonbinary” and “fluid” children, how can she be certain that they will celebrate Mother’s Day with her? After all, they may decide that she is really their father.

Charlize Theron is equally proud of her transgender daughter, who is really her son. She is also big into drag. She recently praised men who dress as women. “We love you queens.” She then threatened to retaliate against those who disapprove. “I will f*** anybody up who’s trying to f*** with anything with you guys.” Brilliant.

Theron has never been married, and she likes it that way. She has been in relationships with many men, including Ryan Reynolds, Stephen Jenkins, Sean Penn and Stuart Toensend. “I never wanted to get married. It was never something important to me.” I,I,I. Never a reference to whether it might be important to her child to have a father. Perhaps she’ll celebrate Mother’s Day by bringing her kid to a drag queen show.

Those pushing transgenderism—the bizarre ideology that falsely claims we can switch our sex—are not interested in tolerance. They want affirmation, and that is not something they are entitled to. Indeed, they should be denied.

Politics should never color Mother’s Day, but those in the forefront of the LGBT movement won’t back off. Neither should we. This is a culture war that has nature on our side. So they can’t win.

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