Below is the calendar we followed in contacting various organizations in the New York tri-state area regarding the rally. All of them received a letter explaining why the rally was being held (we have included those entities which we have yet to contact).


May 12-13: Kick-off
May 14: Missionaries of Charity
May 17: Bishops of India
May 18: Indian Government Officials
May 19: Bishops of the Northeast
May 20: Bishops of the South
May 21: Bishops of the Midwest
May 24: Bishops of the West
May 25: New York City Mayor and Public Advocate
May 26: New York City Council
May 27: Governors in Tri-State Area
May 28: Legislators in Tri-State Area


June 1:   Announcement of Aug. 26 Rally
June 2:   Catholic Elementary Schools in New York
June 3:   Catholic Secondary Schools in New  York
June 4:   Catholic Colleges in New York
June 7:   Catholic Elementary Schools in New Jersey
June 8:   Catholic Secondary Schools in New Jersey
June 9:   Catholic Colleges in New Jersey
June 10: Catholic Elementary Schools in Connecticut
June 11: Catholic Secondary Schools in Connecticut
June 14: Catholic Colleges in Connecticut
June 15: Lay Catholic Professional Groups in Tri-State
June 16: Irish Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 17: Italian Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 18: Polish Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 21: German Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 22: Latino Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 23: Albanian Lay Catholic Groups in Tri-State
June 24: Knights of Columbus in Tri-State
June 25: Knights of the Holy Sepulcher in Tri-State
June 28: Knights of Malta in Tri-State
June 29: Catholic War Veterans in Tri-State
June 30: Catholic Daughters of America in Tri-State


July 1:   Ladies of Charity in the Tri-State
July 2:   Legion of Mary in the Tri-State
July 6:   Holy Name Societies in the Tri-State
July 7:   Indian Community Groups in the Tri-State
July 8:   Nuns and Brothers in the Tri-State

July 9:   Order Priests in the Tri-State
July 12: Parishes in Nassau County
July 13: Parishes in Suffolk County
July 14: Parishes in Manhattan
July 15: Parishes in the Bronx
July 16: Parishes in Queens
July 19: Parishes in Brooklyn
July 20: Parishes in Staten Island
July 21: Parishes in the Diocese of Albany
July 22: Parishes in Dutchess County
July 23: Parishes in Putnam County
July 26: Parishes in Rockland County
July 27: Parishes in Orange County
July 28: Parishes in Sullivan County
July 29: Parishes in Ulster County
July 30: Parishes in Westchester County


Aug. 2:   Ads in Tri-State Diocesan Newspapers
Aug. 3:   Parishes in Archdiocese of Newark
Aug. 4:   Parishes in Diocese of Trenton
Aug. 5:   Parishes in Diocese of Camden
Aug. 6:   Parishes in Diocese of Paterson
Aug. 9:   Parishes in Diocese of Metuchen
Aug. 10: Parishes in Archdiocese of Hartford
Aug. 11: Parishes in Diocese of Bridgeport
Aug. 12: Parishes in Diocese of Norwich
Aug. 13: Parishes in Ukrainian Diocese
Aug. 16: Non-Sectarian Allies
Aug. 17: Protestant Allies
Aug. 18: Jewish Allies
Aug. 19: Hindu, Muslim and Mormon Allies
Aug. 20: Talk Radio Nationwide
Aug. 23: Newspapers in Tri-State Area
Aug. 24: TV Stations in Tri-State Area
Aug. 25: AP Day Book
Aug. 26: Rally

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