Mother Teresa is being made the object of derision by Bongo Java, a coffeehouse enterprise in Nashville, Tennessee. Bongo Java is selling a cinnamon bun that bears a likeness to the face of Mother Teresa. Called the NunBun, the pastry was purchased by Bongo Java employee Todd Truley for distribution; it is being hawked on the company’s web site.

The advertisement admits that the NunBun is supposed to be Mother Teresa. A side business of Bongo Java, Global Pastry Management, was formed to market the NunBun, and now has a line of products that include T-shirts, bookmarks, prayer cards and coffee mugs.

The league did not see the humor in all this and sent a letter to Mr. Truley asking him to withdraw his product. We stressed that he would not dare market a bun that featured the faces of Amos and Andy, and therefore any representation that belittles Mother Teresa should be seen as equally objectionable.

Members can write to Todd Truley at Global Pastry Management, c/o Bongo Java, 2007 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212.

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