This past spring we read how the Jewish faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College were unimpressed with the free speech rights of an anti-Semitic student. The president of the college, Robert Agrella, also took exception to the article that appeared in the school’s newspaper. It was titled, “Is Anti-Semitism Ever the Result of Jewish Behavior?” Curious, we decided to see if anti-Catholicism was tolerated on the campus. And guess what?

We found on the college’s website a listing for “Lutherans on Campus.” It contained the assertion that Martin Luther was a “recovering Catholic.”

Not amused, William Donohue wrote to President Agrella to see if he was as interested in cleaning up anti-Catholicism on his campus as he was anti-Semitism.

Dr. Agrella proved to be a good man. The offensive reference has been removed, an apology has been issued and school officials have scheduled a meeting with the offending students.

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