imagesBill Donohue applauds city officials in Piedmont, Alabama:

The theme of this year’s annual Christmas parade in Piedmont, Alabama is “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas.” Kudos to Mayor Bill Baker and the seven members of the city council for their wisdom and fortitude. Of course, the anti-Christian crowd isn’t happy, as witnessed by the reaction of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

The parade, which will be held Thursday evening, is being protested by FFRF on the grounds that it “alienates non-Christians and others in Piedmont.” It did not name a single person in Piedmont who objected, but even if such a person exists, feeling alienated is not a constitutional basis for violating free speech.

“The sentiment of ‘Keeping Christ in Christmas,'” says the attorney for FFRF, “does not qualify” as a secular celebration. But Christmas is a national holiday, and therefore enjoys a secular status, even if its cultural roots are religious.

Here’s a reality check for FFRF: Religion is the most defining element in any culture, and some of its traditions ineluctably become secularized over time. In this case, the refrain “Let’s Keep Christ in Christmas” is simply a call to honor the meaning of this holiday: No Christ, no Christmas. That, of course, is exactly what bothers FFRF—Jesus Christ!

The Catholic League salutes Mayor Baker and the City Council for making this important cultural statement. We urge all municipalities across the United States to follow suit and adopt the Piedmont model of celebrating Christmas.

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