Bill Donohue comments on last night’s Comedy Central show, “@Midnight with Chris Hardwick”:

The crucifixion of Jesus is a favorite target for laughs on Comedy Central’s “@Midnight with Chris Hardwick.” They were at it again last night.

Hardwick began the night’s game show contest by showing an illustration of a muscular Jesus hanging on the Cross. Then he asked the show’s contestants to respond to this “picture of a super-ripped Korean Jesus” by giving “a line from one of his sermons.” Among the gems that they responded with were these:

Mary Lynn Rajskub: “Get thee behind me Satan and spot me and then I will in turn spot for you and then we can soap each other’s d***s in the locker room.”

Kurt Braunohler: “Do others as you would have others do you. Ripped Jesus loves to f*** [bleeped].”

That this latest mockery of Christ’s suffering on the Cross was broadcast in the middle of the Christian holy season of Lent was surely no accident. That they only choose Christian holy seasons to act like beasts is telling.

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