Bill Donohue

Major League Baseball (MLB) is okay with one of its teams honoring a vile anti-Catholic group of drag queen bigots, but it is not okay with a pitcher who objects to the radical LGBT agenda. That is the principal takeaway in light of MLB’s response to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence being honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers, and former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass’ rejection of LGBT extremists.

Everyone knows how Bud Light used a twisted cross-dressing activist to market its beer, triggering a backlash from normal men. Similarly, Target’s decision to market “tuck-friendly” women’s swimsuits that conceal male genitalia (the outfits are made for men who claim to be a woman yet refuse to have their sex organs cut off) inspired normal men and women to object. In late May, Bass posted an Instagram video that criticized the two companies.

The video included a plea by its creator, Ryan Miller, asking Christians to boycott Bud Light and Target. Although Bass did not personally comment on the post, he came under fire by LGBT activists and the front office of the Blue Jays. After the blowback, he apologized but it was too late. His team dumped him, saying he was a “distraction.”

We have not heard a word from Rob Manfred about this perversion of justice.

We forced his hand on May 16 to nix the Dodgers decision to honor the “Sisters” (he was so bombarded with emails protesting this stunt that the next day the bigots were disinvited). But a few days later, he and the Dodgers succumbed to pressure from the LGBT crowd and reinvited them. So we know which side they’re on.

Manfred’s silence with regard to the Bass matter suggests he is okay with the player effectively being fired for exercising his First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Nothing in the video was obscene or insulting, but everything the “Sisters” do is both.

What kind of moral compass Manfred, the Dodgers and the Blue Jays are working with is a mystery. They have managed to sanction a vicious assault on Catholic sensibilities while simultaneously punishing those who reject LGBT mania. They are twice wrong.

Contact Manfred again:

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