Bill Donohue

Today we are contacting all 30 owners of Major League Baseball (MLB) imploring them not to repeat the Dodgers stunt; we are also contacting  Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of MLB. Here is the text of my remarks:

Dear MLB owner:

The decision by the Los Angeles Dodgers to invite, disinvite, and reinvite a vile anti-Catholic group resulted in horrendous PR for the team, a large protest before the game, a no-show at the award ceremony, and a decline in attendance (there were three-and-a-half thousand less at this “Pride Night” game as compared to last year’s one).

The central takeaway could not be more clear: just play baseball, stay out of politics, and never again honor an anti-Catholic group (or any bigoted entity). As we have seen with the blowback against Bud Light, Target, and now the Dodgers, Americans are fed up with being insulted and manipulated by elites. Getting back to basics is not only easy, it is non-controversial. This is a no-brainer. Please do so.



William Donohue


Contact Manfred:

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