Fox Searchlight Pictures has released “Millions,” a movie that our own Kiera McCaffrey previewed and found uplifting.

The film is set in Liverpool on the fictional eve of the conversion of the British pound sterling to the euro. Two Catholic brothers who have recently lost their mother find a bag containing over £200,000. In the final days before the changeover (when the pound notes will be rendered worthless), the boys must decide how to spend their riches.

Though Damien, age 7, wishes to use the cash to help the poor, Anthony, 9, longs to splurge on cell phones and video games. In spite of his older brother’s attempts to dissuade him, Damien is determined to use the money for noble ends. Damien has an avid interest in the lives of the saints; several saints appear to him in visions, providing him with encouragement and comfort.

In Damien, “Millions” offers viewers a character who has enough faith to look past the empty promises of worldly goods that entice his brother (and later, his father). Throughout the film, the saints are held up as examples of those we should emulate. Damien’s faith, though challenged, is shown to persevere over the skepticism and materialism of his family.

While perhaps not suitable for the very young (due to adult themes and a potentially frightening villain), “Millions” is a wholesome family film which may serve to bolster interest in the saints and in helping others.
“Millions” premiered on March 11 in select cities and is rated PG. It will open across the country in April.

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