Faithful America, a radical secularist entity, recently initiated an ethics complaint against Attorney General William Barr; it also launched a petition drive in support of this campaign. We countered with a petition drive of our own in support of Barr. On the same day, these left-wing radicals chided a Catholic priest for denying Joe Biden Holy Communion. We struck back, telling the head of this entity, an Episcopalian priest, to butt out.

These militant secularists asked the Justice Department’s Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility to investigate Barr for allegedly violating his duty to guarantee religious liberty. This was a scam: its real purpose was to intimidate Barr from speaking out again in favor of religious liberty. As we informed the public, Faithful America would not exist without the initial funding of atheist billionaire George Soros.

In his October address at Notre Dame Law School, Barr warned about the efforts of militant secularists to destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage. Ironically, Faithful America proved him right: it did exactly what he said these fanatics do—try to silence the free speech and religious liberty rights of truly faithful Americans.

The Episcopalian priest, Rev. Nathan Empsall, got into the act by lecturing Catholics on the Church’s teachings on Holy Communion. Thus did he violate an unspoken rule observed by religious leaders: do not interfere in the affairs of another religion. We called him “an embarrassment.”

Empsall was furious when a South Carolina priest, Fr. Robert Morey, denied Joe Biden Holy Communion because of his rabid advocacy of abortion rights. If this Protestant minister likes abortion, that is his business, but he has no right to impose his secularist agenda on Catholics.

When Catholic League supporters answered our email request to contact Empsall about his petition drive—he asked Father Morey’s bishop to direct the priest to apologize to Biden—it set off a firestorm. The crazy Catholic haters on the left exploded in anger at us. But the only effect it had was to inspire us to double down.

Empsall’s campaign was laughable. He is a tool of the left, and we let him know that he crossed the line. Faithful America has a history of trying to sow discord in the Catholic community, which is one of Soros’ goals. They need to be put in their place, and no lay Catholic organization has the guts to do this save for the Catholic League.

Faithful America has been asleep for years. If its fat-cat donors think they can jump start it by bullying Catholics, they are sadly mistaken. We will checkmate them any day of the week.

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