The following statements by Mikey Weinstein are examples of his anti-Christian bias:

  • In a 2006 interview, after the Christian Embassy interviewed Pentagon officials about their evangelical faith, Weinstein said: “We have a virulently dominionist,  fundamentalist evangelical Christian element within the Pentagon. They would prefer this to be the ‘Pentecostalgon,’ not the Pentagon. That’s what they would prefer. They’re trying to turn the Pentagon into a frickin’ faith-based initiative, and that is not what our military is about.” He went on to call it “a national security threat every bit as bad as al-Qaida, and these people should be court-martialed.” He said he intended to “get as much information as we can, fashion it into a dagger and then stab at the heart of this unconstitutional, wretched, vile darkness at the Pentagon. This unconstitutional darkness, we will stab at it with our dagger until we kill it.” (“These People Should be Court-Martialed,”, December 13, 2006)
  • In a 2007 interview, he said: “We are facing an absolute fundamentalist Christianization—a Talibanization—of the U.S. Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force.” (“An Evangelical Coup in America’s Military,” Tikkun, August 3, 2007)
  • In a 2007 Los Angeles Times article, he complained about “freedom packages” sent to troops in Iraq by Operation Straight Up, which contained Bibles. The Pentagon decided not to send them. Weinstein said: “It’s time to strip the war on terror of its religious connotations, not add to them.” (“Not So Fast, Christian Soldiers,” Los Angeles Times, August 22, 2007).
  • In a 2007 interview, Weinstein said: “I come to you today, and we’re at war. This is not an issue, this is a national security threat.” He added: “This is not a small issue, this is essentially the Christian Taliban in our U.S. military.” He said: “I refer to it as a contagion.” (“An Interview with Mikey Weinstein,” Jews in Green, August 24, 2007)
  • In another 2007 interview, he called evangelicals the “Protestant Vatican.”  He called them a “Christian Taliban” and said “the Christian Right is a fascistic organization.” He concluded: “Basically what we are facing are Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christians that are preying—P-R-A-Y and P-R-E-Y—on non-Fundamentalist Christians including in many respects other evangelical Christians that are just not fundamentalist Christian, telling them that, ‘you may think you were Christian enough for us but you’re not. And, as a result, you will burn eternally in the fires of Hell along with the Jews.’”(“We’re Dealing With a Christian Taliban,” Information Clearing House, September 7, 2007)
  • In a 2007 interview, Weinstein said: “I’m at war. You’re talking to a guy with the gun smoke in his face.” He went on to say: “We battle the Christian Taliban.” (Tulsa World, October 13, 2007).
  • In a 2008 interview, Weinstein called the Department of Defense a “crypto-fascist faith-based initiative.” (David Belden, “Backward Christian Soldiers,” Rationalist Association, January 7, 2008)
  • In a documentary on anti-Semitism, titled Constantine’s Sword, Weinstein said: “We don’t have a Pentagon. We have a Pentecostal-gon. The Constitution doesn’t guide them, but the book of Revelations and the New Testament.” (“’Constantine’s Sword’ Cuts into Anti-Semitism,”, April 20, 2008)
  • In 2008, when Gen. David Petraeus endorsed Chaplain Bill McCoy’s book, Under Fire, Weinstein said; “General David Petraeus has, by his own hand, become a quintessential poster child of this fundamentalist Christian religious predation, via his unadulterated and shocking endorsement of a book touting both Christian supremacy and exceptionalism.” (“’Under Orders’ Under Fire,”, August 21, 2008).  
  • In 2010, Weinstein complained that Franklin Graham was invited to speak at the Pentagon for the National Day of Prayer: “Our Pentagon has been turned into a Pentacostalgon, and our department of defense has been turned into an imperious, vicioustic
    [sic], contagion of unconstitutionalism by people that want to kill us, or have their version of Jesus kill us, if we don’t accept their Biblical worldview.” (“Military Religious Freedom Foundation Complains About Franklin Graham,”, April 23, 2010)
  • In 2012, he said: “Civil rights organizations representing ethnic, national, cultural, and religious minorities, organized labor, opponents of fundamentalist (also known as Dominionist) Christian supremacy, and advocates for the continued separation of church and state were subject to vicious attacks by this modern day inquisition.” (“Homophobic Chaplain Alliance’s Feeble, Failed Attempt to Rape Servicemembers’ Civil rights,” AlterNet, July 17, 2012)
  • In August 2012, Weinstein referred to the head of the Air Force Academy as evangelical- friendly: “I could easily present a literal plethora of thousands of other blatant outrages of fundamentalist Christian religious supremacy within the USAAF.” (“Good Riddance to the Air Force’s Religious Intolerance Enabler in Chief,” Truthout, August 1, 2012).
  • Weinstein endorsded the Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of Christian groups as “hate groups.” (Ken Klutkowski, “Pentagon Taps Anti-Christian Extremist,” Breitbart, April 28, 2013).
  • In May 2013, Weinstein was quoted as saying: “As soon as we find a fundamentalist Muslim, atheist, Jewish person or anybody else, we will be happy to fight them—but so far they have been few and far between.” (Todd Starnes, “Religious Groups Fear Christian Purge From Military,” Christian Post, May 1, 2013)