Bill Donohue

Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger is an old man, but the octogenarian proved on “Saturday Night Live” that his obscene legacy is still extant. He played the role of an imposter male nun, dressed in habit, of course, who has sex with the sisters. One of the nuns admitted liking it, saying of “Sister Kevin” (Jagger), “He needs to repent me again over the dining table.”

“Sister Kevin” confesses, “I was the one who corrupted these poor women with my lips and my hips, and I was the one who rang the bell with my penis and yelled, ‘Ding-dong!’” He continued, “I know this is the worst sex scandal in the history of the church, but look at the bright side, before I got here, these sisters just mumbled, ‘Our Father,’ and now they are screaming, ‘Oh Goddd!’”

When he got the news that the nuns wanted him to stay at the convent, “Sister Kevin” said, “Now let’s go sisters—I’m thinking I’m ready for the second coming!”

This is the second consecutive week that “SNL” has attacked Catholics; last week its host, Pete Davidson, smeared priests as child molesters. It’s also the second consecutive week that the show’s writers crafted the script after being out on strike.

This is revealing. It shows the pathological hatred that the writers have for priests and nuns—they couldn’t wait to demonize Catholics, even though there was no news story to draw on; both skits were totally out of the blue.

The fact that they are fixated on sex is also revealing. The homosexual scandal in the Catholic Church—which ended a half century ago—has been a source of embarrassment for gay writers and their sympathetic gay friends in the business. It’s so obvious what is going on. Sick dudes.

Both Davidson and Jagger have a sordid past, which helps to explain why they did their skits.

Davidson insulted Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw, mocking him for being blind in one eye (he lost his eye during a bomb explosion while serving in Afghanistan). His treatment of women has been the source of much chatter in Hollywood. Known for cutting himself and his suicide threats, he is perhaps most famous for his never-ending masturbation jokes.

Jagger is an accused child rapist who allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old when he was 33 (he was married at the time). Arrested several times for drugs, he has bragged about his “racist and sexist” song lyrics. Yet he is adored by his fans, much the way Michael Jackson was.

These are the kinds of guys that “SNL” employs to smear Catholics.

Last week we asked our email subscribers to contact someone who handles entertainment publicity at NBC. Now that the show is doubling down, it is time that the chairman of NBCUniversal Entertainment heard from us.


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