Catholic League president Bill Donohue replies to an article posted today on the website of Vanity Fair by contributing editor Michael Wolff (it is a slightly smaller piece than the one posted on Wolff’s own website,

 Wolff begins his column fair enough. “In an age when all religions must be treated by right-thinking people with the greatest tolerance and respect, much of the reaction to the sexual abuse story in Europe and the Pope’s involvement with it, is, nevertheless, deeply and specifically anti-Catholic.” Correct. 

 Inexplicably, Wolff then descends into a rant so vicious it might warrant editing at an alternative newspaper. Does he not realize how his own anti-Catholicism undercuts his lead statement? For example, he writes, “There might not be a Church, as we know the Church, without sexual abuse. The Catholic Church equals sex abuse.” Didn’t an editor realize how foolish Wolff looks?

 Now try this one on for size. “There might not be Islam, as we know Islam, without violence. Islam equals violence.”

 There is literally no moral difference between this bigoted assault on Islam and Wolff’s bigoted assault on Catholicism. 

 Contact Wolff:

*Please note that Newser is the sole publisher of this article; Vanity Fair merely provides a link.

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