Bill Donohue comments on a principled ACLU official:

Three men over six feet tall invaded a women’s bathroom in Atlanta, scaring the daylights out of young African-American girls. The victims’ mother, Maya Dillard Smith, is furious. What makes this so newsworthy is that Ms. Smith is the interim president of the ACLU’s Georgia chapter.

The ACLU is defending the aggressors, claiming that the men no longer consider themselves to be men; they call themselves transgender persons. No matter, Ms. Smith has had it with this insanity and has quit her leadership post at the ACLU. She should instead sue the men who terrorized her daughters.

This issue is a time bomb waiting to explode. That so many of our cultural elites are buying into this new wave of sexual engineering shows how morally debased they have become.

The big losers are women, not men. If feminist leaders cared as much about the average woman as they do the rights of abortionists and lesbians, things would be different. But they don’t.

Kudos to Maya Dillard Smith for defending her daughters from these reckless men.

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