To:                       U.S. Bishops
From:                  Bill Donohue
Date:                   November 25, 2013
Re:                       Bill Maher

No one has been more obscene, and more relentless, in attacking the pope, cardinals, bishops, and priests than Bill Maher; he does so every week on HBO.

I have written to Time Warner and HBO officials for years about Maher, yet nothing is done to rein him in. The time has come for Time Warner, the parent company of HBO, to cancel the show: the season ended on November 22, and the new season is not scheduled to begin until January 17. It is important that Catholics register their outrage at this time.

I have already asked those who subscribe to the Catholic League’s news releases to contact Time Warner asking them to drop the show. Now I am asking you.

Please write: Mr. Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and CEO, Time Warner, Inc., One Time Warner Center, New York, New York, 10019.

If you would like to read our report on Bill Maher, which includes 54 anti-Catholic comments calling the entire Catholic clergy child rapists, please go to and download the report.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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