Mel Gibson released a statement today saying, “There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark.  I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words that I have said….”

He continued, “The tenets of what I profess to believe necessitate that I exercise charity and tolerance as a way of life.  Every human being is God’s child, and if I wish to honor my God I have to honor his children.  But please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite.  I am not a bigot.  Hatred of any kind goes against my faith.”  Gibson said he now wants to meet one-on-one with leaders in the Jewish community “to discern the appropriate path for healing.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Mel Gibson’s apology is a model of contrition, and it reflects the genuineness of his faith.  Indeed, it stands in stark contrast to the ‘If you were offended’ type of apology that we are so accustomed to at the Catholic League.  We trust that most Jewish leaders will now do the honorable thing and work with Mel so that all wounds can heal.

“There will always be those who refuse to forgive.  They are a tragic lot.  Worse, they are the only losers.”

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