Bill Donohue

There are Republican bigots and Democrat bigots, but when it comes to Christians and Jews, the big prize goes to the Democrats. Here’s the proof.

If the Equality Act were to become law, it would force Catholic doctors to perform abortions and sex-reassignment surgery. Catholic hospitals that refuse to comply would be denied federal funding, effectively shutting them down. The same fate awaits Catholic foster care programs: they would either have to agree that two men can adopt children or lose federal funding.

Those who say that Catholic personnel and institutions would be protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act are wrong: the Equality Act exempts itself from this legislation, a bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

Regarding Jews, House Resolution (H.Res.927) addresses two related issues: (a) a condemnation of anti-Semitism on university campuses and, (b) a condemnation of the three university presidents from elite institutions who failed to unequivocally condemn genocide against Jews.

We did a study of those House members who co-sponsored the Equality Act and those who also refused to vote against the House resolution condemning anti-Semitism.

Of the 128 Democrats who voted against the House resolution, 127 co-sponsored the Equality Act (the one who initially did not, Gabe Amo, has subsequently said he now supports it); there was one Republican, Thomas Massie, who voted against the House resolution. To read the tally, click here.

Growing up in New York, I have many fond memories of how the Democrats were the Party of Catholics and Jews. Catholics know that those days are long gone. Now Jews are learning the same lesson.

I hasten to add that many Catholics and Jews are not exactly enthralled by the Republicans. Indeed, there are now more politically homeless Catholics and Jews than ever before.

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