This will no doubt come as a shock to most of you, but Gov. William Weld has just given a job to a guy who has committed hate crimes in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

– Op-Ed piece by Jim Edwards, The Enterprise

Everyone who witnessed the mocking antics or listened to the shrill ob-cenities of ACT-UP at Holy Cross Cathedral three years ago knows full well that this group is chillingly full of hatred for things Catholic. Their vile words, their dress, their mocking of the sacraments and the Sermon on the Mount made it all disgustingly clear. This is raw anti-Catholicism.

-Editorial, “R.S.V.P. Governor,” The Boston Pilot

It’s the governor’s choice. He either supports and tolerates the type of anarchy practiced by hate groups such as ACT-UP, or he sends a clear and unequivocal message to his Commissioners that the type of terrorism Commissioner LaFontaine engaged in outside the Holy Cross Cathedral two years ago will not be tolerated.

– City Councillor Jim Kelly, The South Boston Tribune

Dear Gov. Weld,
Some readers of The Pilot have called your office wondering why you have appointed David LaFontaine to head your Gay and Lesbian Youth Commission when he publicly acknowledged his participation in an ACT-UP condom pelting contest at the Cathedral three years ago.

Your office responds that “That demonstration was totally peaceful.”

Well, Mr. Weld, it certainly was not peaceful. You were not there. And we have the pictures.

-Editorial, “P.S. To Our R.S.V.P.,” The Boston Pilot

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