Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how the media are reacting to photos of the pope with U.S. presidents:

International Business Times (IBT) wins the award for the most partisan media outlet reporting on the meeting between President Trump and Pope Francis. It had much competition.

“This Photo Sums Up How the Pope Really Feels about Meeting Donald Trump.” That is the IBT headline to its story. To see the photo, click here.

The news story that accompanies the photo says, “The contrast between Donald Trump and the Pope is nothing short of comical. As the president grins awkwardly next to Melania, Pope Francis looks—quite frankly—dejected.”

But if the pope was dejected by having to pose with Trump, he must have been at least as dejected appearing with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. To see the photo, click here.

In fairness, Obama does not appear to be grinning “awkwardly”—he just looks arrogant. And Kerry looks plain dumb. Plenty of comical stuff there.

Perhaps the shrinks at IBT can help us psychoanalyze the Obama-Kerry-Pope photo. Maybe they can also explain why not a single media outlet ever thought to cast the pope as dejected when he met the two Democrats.

Contact: Alan Press, IBT president:

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