Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on The Daily Caller story [click here] exposing Media Matters for America:

From the very beginning, Media Matters has set its sights on Christianity. In 2004, its leader, David Brock, made clear his goals when he applied to the IRS for a tax-exempt status. “It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to overly promote corporate interests, the rights of the wealthy, and a conservative Christian-influenced ideology,” the application says.

Anyone who has followed the history of Media Matters knows it has evolved into something far more extreme than what its founding statement said. To be frank, it is one thing for left-wing activists to promote a radical agenda, quite another to finger a world religion for monitoring. If conservatives launched a media watchdog group to combat a “reactionary Islamic-influenced ideology,” all hell would break loose. Indeed, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has come under fire for merely keeping a watchful eye on suspected Islamic extremists.

In 1981, Norman Lear founded People for the American Way to combat the so-called Religious Right, but his ambition was to fight conservative Christian policy prescriptions. Media Matters is more invidious: in the name of fighting media bias and fact-checking, it seeks to intimidate the mainstream media from disseminating legitimate Christian positions.

We now know, thanks to The Daily Caller, that the goal of Media Matters all along has been to silence the Christian voice.

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