This is the article that appeared in the September 2023 edition of Catalyst, our monthly journal. The date that prints out reflects the day that it was uploaded to our website. For a more accurate date of when the article was first published, check out the news release, here.

We made the FBI’s probe of Catholics the lead story in this issue not only because it is an outrageous abuse of power, but because it signals something sinister about the way the top brass at the agency views Catholicism.

When the latest chapter in this story broke on August 9, we checked on August 10 to see how the mainstream media covered it. With the exception of Fox News, Newsmax, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal, none of the big media touched it. So what did they find worthy of coverage on August 10 that was considered more important?

On the front page of the New York Times there was a story titled, “Overrun Miami Suburb to Clip Its Peacocks (Not the Feathers).”

CBS News put this same story on the front page of its website, offering the title, “Miami-Area Village Plans Peacock Vasectomies to Try to Curb Their Population.”

The Associated Press featured on its front page a story, “Ailing and Baby Hummingbirds Nursed to Health at Woman’s Apartment-Turned-Clinic in Mexico City.”

ABC News gave front page coverage to this “breaking news” story: “Dog Hilariously Flies Through the Air Trying to Catch Water from Hose.”

NBC’s front page story included, “13 Top-Rated Products to Keep Your Dog Cool in Warm Weather.”

These stories were all considered more news worthy than the FBI’s war on Catholics. The media preferred to highlight throw-away stories on animals.

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