Bill Donohue comments on how anti-Catholics and dissident Catholics are seeking to exploit Pope Francis in his upcoming American visit:

There is no end to the anti-Catholic and dissident Catholic groups seeking to manipulate the media into thinking they are legitimate Catholic entities. Simply because an organization adopts Catholic nomenclature is no proof that it is a bona fide Catholic group; many hijack the term for political purposes. Legitimate Catholic organizations, such as the Catholic League, are listed in the Official Catholic Directory.

On June 25, 15 of these so-called Catholic organizations, along with a smattering of individuals and non-Catholic groups, petitioned Pope Francis to meet with their representatives when he comes to the U.S. None of them are listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Furthermore, all of them have a history of railing against the Catholic Church, including a group of pro-abortion nuns (National Coalition of American Nuns). All of these groups have appealed to the pope to buy into their radical LGBT agenda.

The letter was written by the leaders of DignityUSA and GLAAD; the former rejects the Church’s teachings on sexuality and showcases obscene anti-Catholic bigots at its events; the latter is a secular gay organization that supports anti-Catholic plays and movies.

To read how these 15 organizations are falsely marketing themselves as truly Catholic entities, click here. The evidence speaks for itself.

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