There has not been one report in the United States regarding an incredible church desecration that took place on March 7 in Montreal. And only one newspaper in Canada, the nation’s newest national daily, the National Post, has editorialized on the subject. Here are the facts as reported in the National Post and the Montreal Gazette.

On March 7, 15 people wearing ski masks spray-painted graffiti with the words “Religion—A Trap for Fools” on a pillar outside Mary Queen of the World Cathedral in downtown Montreal. Inside, they painted “No God, no masters” on one of the altars. They overturned flowerpots and stuck sanitary napkins—some soiled—to pictures and walls. Condoms were thrown around the cathedral, the missal was stolen and hundreds of hymn and prayer books were destroyed. There was an attempt to overthrow the tabernacle as well.

The group, Collectif Autonome Féministe, was celebrating International Women’s Day in Montreal, and when they barged into the church they cursed religion and said they were claiming the right to abortion and freedom of speech. In a written statement, they denounced the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, homosexuality and sex education. They were not charged with a hate crime because the authorities concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to make the charge stick.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“Not one U.S. newspaper has reported on the outbreak of fascism in Montreal, though the New York Times did run a story yesterday on the controversy in Quebec over whether Pokemon cards should be issued in French. AP ran a story on March 8, 1999, on a synagogue that was vandalized in Siberia, but has said nothing about the March 7, 2000 desecration of the Montreal church. But AP did address another issue in Montreal yesterday: the story was entitled ‘U.S. Files Complaint against European Union on Jet Mufflers.’

“In Montreal at least, the barbarians are no longer at the gate—they’ve penetrated. Worse, no one seems to care.”

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