Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how reporters are reacting to the CBS scandal:

Why are those in the media so defiant with President Trump and so deferential to CBS? Where are the Jim Acostas when it comes to the CBS scandal?

CBS held a press conference yesterday about its second-quarter financial results. The speaker, CBS chief Les Moonves, is under investigation for sexually harassing female employees. No one asked him a single question about the investigation—they were forbidden from doing so.

“The scope of today’s call and any questions will be limited to the quarterly results of the company.” Those were the ground rules laid down by Adam Townsend, a spokesman for the CBS Corporation. Eight reporters were allowed to ask questions, and all of them dutifully complied; Moonves was never asked whether he is a sexual predator.

In the Catholic Church, those accused of sexual misconduct must step aside pending an investigation. At CBS, when the CEO is charged with sexual misconduct, he is allowed to continue working, pending an investigation.

If a bishop does not answer questions from reporters about an accused priest, he is raked over the coals. When the head of CBS doesn’t answer any questions from reporters about his alleged sexual misconduct—because none are permitted—it is a non-story.

And the media wonder why so many Americans have nothing but contempt for them.

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