In just one week, the Catholic League succeeded in getting 82 media hits on our boycott of Guinness. From Australia and England, to Canada and the United States, the boycott story has been picked up by television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet. And that was just the beginning.

We have no hard data on the success of the boycott yet, but anecdotal evidence has been very encouraging. The decision by Guinness officials to pull sponsorship of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade has led many pub patrons to choose another brew. There is anger over what has been done, and it is not going away. We will make sure of that.

The Catholic League has heard from bishops in Peru, cardinals in Rome, pub owners in cities across the nation, chapters of the Knights of Columbus, men and women from many ethnic and religious groups—they’ve had it with the corporate bullies at Guinness.

There will be more on this issue, much more. Please go to our website and check our “Guinness Boycott Central” feature for the latest developments.

Note: We are trying to access hard data on how Guinness sales are doing, and we will make it available when we have it. As long as there is a decline in sales, however small, it should be enough to send them a message. Please do your part in boycotting Guinness.

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