The ABC News headline read, “Gay Catholic School Teacher Fired for Wedding Plans.” Well, not really: he was fired for breaking a contract that he voluntarily signed. Michael Griffin, who taught at a Pennsylvania Catholic school, said his principal did not care that he was gay, but when he publicly announced his “wedding” plans, he made a conscious decision to flout his contract. So he was canned. Does ABC allow its staff to violate their contracts with impunity?

The USA Today headline read, “Catholic Women Ordained Priest and Deacons in Kentucky.” Well, not really: the old gals were simply playing the game of pretend—dressing up like priests and pretending they were ordained in the Catholic Church. Some in the asylum think they are the pope. Will USA Today do a story on them as well?

The Dayton Daily News headline read, “Ex-Dayton Priest Faces Prosecution.” Well, not really: turns out that the “priest,” Annamalai Annamalai, is a “self-described Hindu high priest.” Readers were intentionally invited to believe he was a Catholic priest. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was more accurate: it called him a guru.

The CNN headline read, “Catholic College Police Officer Kills Student After Off-Campus Traffic Stop.” Has anyone ever seen a headline that reads, “Jewish College Police Officer Kills Student After Off-Campus Traffic Stop”? Yet CNN used the same words, “Catholic College Police Officer,” in its headline on both December 9 and December 10. But would CNN ever run a story titled, “Catholic College Police Officer Saves Student Lives”?

The hostility exhibited by the media to Catholicism has no rival. Every day there is something new. And they wonder why their credibility with the public is at historic lows.

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