We’ve had our share of complaints with the Hartford Courant before so it wasn’t surprising to learn that one of the paper’s columnists launched a salvo at us. But we didn’t expect it to occur on Easter Sunday.

On March 30, Barbara Roessner wrote a flip piece confessing her agnosticism. She also took the opportunity to deride Christianity, making silly comparisons along the way. William Donohue’s response was published on April 26. It is printed below.

Dear Editor:

Barbara Roessner (“Making sense of heaven,” March 30) takes advantage of Easter Sunday to express her agnosticism. Indeed, she cannot resist making a snide remark about Christ’s resurrection being unbelievable.

I have just one question: if a columnist wrote a flip article on Yom Kippur stating how silly was the whole idea of a Day of Atonement, would not Ms. Roessner detect an element of bigotry, or at least of mean-spiritedness, in it?

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