In a letter sent yesterday by overnight mail, Catholic League president William Donohue wrote the following to Terry McAuliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee:

Dear Mr. McAuliffe:

It is disconcerting that the DNC continues to list Catholics for a Free Choice on its “links” page.  This is troubling because I do not believe you would intentionally sponsor an association between the DNC and an anti-Catholic group.  Apparently, you believe that Frances Kissling’s group is merely pro-choice.  That is why I am asking you to reconsider your decision, especially in light of what I am about to tell you.

This Saturday, October 12, the PBS show “To the Contrary” will feature Frances Kissling.  They are flagging this segment as follows: “Frances Kissling’s mission: defrocking the Catholic Church and its massive political power.  We profile her on the next To the Contrary” (see enclosed).

This settles the matter.  Kissling is being profiled not because she is a pro-choice leader, but because she is the declared enemy of the Catholic Church.

Given this evidence, I implore you to immediately drop the DNC’s link with Catholics for a Free Choice.  Thank you for your consideration.


William A. Donohue, Ph.D.

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