Last night on NBC’s season premiere of “30 Rock,” there was an exchange between characters played by Matt Damon and Tina Fey; the two are romantically involved and are trying to get to know each other better:

Matt Damon: Alright, let’s each say one thing about ourselves that the other person doesn’t know on the count of three.
Tina Fey: Alright.

Damon: Ready? One, two, three.

(They speak at the same time)

Fey: I’m on a waiting list to adopt a kid.

Damon: I was touched by a priest—it’s fine.

Here’s the response of Catholic League president Bill Donohue:

The assault by Hollywood celebrities on homosexuals should be renounced by everyone. We all know that the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church—which largely ended a quarter century ago—was mostly the work of homosexuals. But that was yesterday. For Matt Damon to trot out homosexual priests one more time, slandering all of them in one swoop is despicable. He owes all Catholics, especially homosexual priests, an apology.

Contact John Eck, president of NBC Network TV:

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