President George W. Bush has nominated Mary Ann Glendon to be the new ambassador to the Vatican. Glendon is a distinguished Harvard law professor, advisor to the Vatican and member of the Catholic League’s board of advisors.

For reasons unexplained, the Associated Press ran a foolish headline on the story that read, “Bush Picks Anti-Abortion Harvard Professor To Be Vatican Ambassador.” Now imagine how it would have sounded had it been in reverse: “Bush Picks Pro-Abortion Harvard Professor To Be Vatican Ambassador.”

To top things off, in the body of the article Glendon is called “an anti-abortion scholar and opponent of gay marriage.” Has anyone ever heard of “a pro-abortion scholar”? And what exactly is so remarkable about being in favor of traditional marriage? No poll has ever shown Americans want gay marriage; indeed, every time voters have had a chance to decide on  this issue, they’ve voted against it.

Congratulations to Mary Ann. We know of no one who is more deserving of this job than her.

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