When asked on June 25 whether the Catholic League would sign a statement of support for a Federal Marriage Amendment, league president William Donohue quickly did so. In doing so, the Catholic League agrees with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops that nothing less than a constitutional amendment can stave off the radical gay rights agenda.

The specific language of the statement that the Catholic League supports, which was written by Maggie Gallagher, includes a concern for the autonomy of religious institutions. In the event same-sex marriage were to be legalized, religious institutions that do not support gay marriage may have their tax exempt status jeopardized. In addition, if the courts label marriage between a man and woman as a form of “discrimination” against gays, those who teach the Catholic faith may be accused of fomenting bigotry.

In short, there is much at stake in this hot-button election year issue.



Editor:Mike Ritter’s cartoon, depicting a bishop labeled “Vatican” holding the Eucharist over a Catholic politician while telling him to “roll over,” is out of line (5/5/04). Bishops have the right to refuse Communion to those public figures who ignore core Church teachings. Ritter is dragging an internal matter of the Church—who is and isn’t fit to receive Communion—onto the editorial page, where it does not belong.


Joseph De Feo
Associate Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

St. Augustine Record (FL), 5/21/04

On an editing note, I’m not in the habit of apologizing for political cartoons, which regularly offend one group or another. But I am sorry that a recent syndicated cartoon regarding the Catholic Church offended so many local people, who felt the cartoon could have made its point less directly. I agree.—Jim Baltzelle, Editor, St. Augustine Record, 6/6/04



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