Discussions continued today in the U.S. Senate on the need for a federal marriage amendment; a vote is expected later in the week.  Catholic League president William Donohue urged support for the amendment today:

“No society in all of human history, up until very recently, has ever given a second thought to the propriety of two men getting married.  Indeed, it was considered so taboo that only the deranged would voice such nonsense.  Sadly, things have changed.  There is a small band of mostly well-educated white people who think that the wisdom of the ages is all wrong about this matter.  Remarkably, it does not give these people pause to note that there are very few aspects of culture that are this universally embraced—encompassing all of Western and Eastern civilizations from time immemorial.

“The question for most Americans is not whether we should sanction gay marriage—they haven’t lost their senses—but whether a constitutional amendment is the right remedy.  It is the position of the Catholic League that such an amendment is indeed required.

“We need the amendment because those who support homosexual marriage have already proven to be ruthless in the pursuit of their goal.  To be explicit, more than a few judges have shown nothing but contempt for the democratic process by sanctioning gay marriages.  Because these judges have arrogated to themselves powers nowhere found in law, they must be stopped.  Unfortunately, there are so many of these despotic judges in the states that nothing less than a constitutional amendment will work.  That is why we urge every senator to affirm the traditional understanding of marriage by supporting this amendment.”

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