The plight of those who have been sexually abused, especially minors, is a condition eminently worthy of our compassion. Unfortunately, many of those who have professionally taken up the cause of these victims are dishonest activists who are not above lying to advance their interests.

  • Recently, NY Assemblywoman Margaret Markey lied about Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, accusing him of bribery.
  • In 2012, the director of SNAP, David Clohessy, admitted under oath that he has lied to the press.
  • In 2011, Terence McKiernan, founder of BishopAccountability, lied when he told a conference that Cardinal Timothy Dolan was protecting 55 priests.
  • Jeffrey—”I’m suing the s*** out of [the] Catholic Church” Anderson—has lied repeatedly about “smoking guns” that never seem to fire, trying to implicate the Vatican in U.S. abuse cases.
  • In May, Yeshiva University lawyer Marci Hamilton lied to the press when she said the bishops pay Bill Donohue’s salary. She knows full well that the Catholic League is not funded by the bishops.
  • Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, whose role was acknowledged in “Spotlight,” twice pressed charges against a priest who was never found guilty of anything: In 2011, he blew up at Donohue for simply questioning him; he was even condemned by the Boston Globe for his recklessness.
  • In 2012, author Jason Berry lied when he said that Donohue defended the disgraced priest, Father Marcial Maciel. He knew this was untrue.

In short, we are not dealing with honest champions of the abused. We are dealing with liars who exploit the very persons they claim to help.

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