For longer than we care to remember, Margery Eagan has been writing a column for the Boston Herald. Bostonians know her well though the rest of the country never heard of her. They haven’t missed anything.

There is a Margery in every city of the country—women who were raised Catholic and will never get over it. Their problem, you see, is the Church. They want to be priests but the Church says no. So they get angry.

It so happens that Bernard Cardinal Law recently banned a dissenting group of feminists from using church buildings. The malcontents go by the name of Massachusetts Women-Church. Out of the entire state, they have amassed a grand total of 10 women to participate in their renegade group. And this is after 11 years of organizing.

In any event, Margery is predictably angry at the Cardinal for doing what her bosses do at the Boston Herald everyday—enforcing house rules. She accused the Cardinal of delivering a “blow to the soul” of all “serious, sincere Catholic women,” suggesting a following among Catholic women that this group clearly does not have.

We have a suggestion for Margery: do a piece on the organizational skills it takes to garner 10 members in 11 years and then instruct Frances Kissling on how to get the job done.

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