Bill Donohue comments on today’s lead story in the Daily News:

The Daily News is back at it again slamming the Catholic Church. But this time they really did themselves in: They floated a front-page story by a notorious anti-Catholic bigot accusing a local bishop of bribery.

Assemblywoman Margaret Markey—the number-one enemy of Catholics in New York—has accused Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of offering her a $5,000 bribe. He allegedly tried to get her to drop her support for a bill that would lift the statute of limitations on offenses involving the sexual abuse of minors. The bishop vehemently denies it.

Only a fool would believe Markey. First of all, the alleged bribe took place in 2010. Now are we supposed to believe that the same woman who is fixated on the statute of limitations as it relates to sexual abuse didn’t know that the statute of limitations for bribery in New York is three years?

Second, Markey never reported the alleged crime. Why not? What kind of dunce is she? Or is she simply venal? Isn’t this the same woman who has spent years lecturing us about the moral obligation we have to report crimes to the police? Here is her defense: “Who could I report it to?” Try calling 911.

Third, why is it that the New York media are ignoring this “news story”? Is it because the Daily News has no credibility left with honest reporters? What other reason is there for the media blackout? How embarrassing.

When a public official tells malicious tales about a bishop, it is serious business. When the same person is a known anti-Catholic bigot, it is time for him or her to resign. Assemblywoman Margaret Markey should resign immediately. There is no place in public office for rogues like her.

Contact Markey:

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