Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today about the league’s nativity scene in Central Park:

“The Catholic League is proud to display its nativity scene in Central Park, but we continue to be dismayed by the refusal of New York City to allow a crèche in its public schools.  That issue is still before the courts, and it is our hope that a ruling by a federal appeals court will overturn a federal district court decision that sided with the City.  If the Catholic League can secure a permit from the New York City Parks Department to put a manger scene in Central Park, then logic dictates that we should be able to display a crèche in the public schools.  Currently, New York City discriminates against Christians by allowing the Jewish religious symbol, namely the menorah, to be displayed in the schools, but not the nativity scene.

 “Our goal is to see manger scenes where there are menorahs (and vice versa).  A Christmas tree is a poor substitute for a representation of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.”

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