Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds to a statement released on June 11 by the owner of the Empire State Building, Anthony Malkin:

Malkin says his decision not to honor Mother Teresa is “final and irrevocable.” That’s fine. My decision to hold a street demonstration in front of his building on August 26 is also final and irrevocable. We will make sure that his place in history is secure.

Malkin is now threatening not to light the towers for Hanukkah and Christmas, blaming me for his position. Like the proverbial brat who didn’t get his way and walks away with his ball, Malkin is digging himself a deeper hole by the minute. “The unintended consequences of focusing on religion may drive us to reconsider those traditional lightings we have maintained over the years,” he says. He adds that his decision not to honor Mother Teresa is not a “slight.” In fact, he says, “only Mr. Donohue for his own platform has chosen to make it one.”

Malkin said no to the U.S. Marines in 2008, and said yes to honoring the murderous Chinese Communist regime in 2009. He loves to give his money, via his foundation, to support abortion and euthanasia, and in 2010 turned down Mother Teresa. The picture that is emerging is not a pretty sight.

Let him dim the lights on Hanukkah and Christmas—it’s what he really wanted to do from the get-go. The more people understand what makes him tick, the better. And if he thinks that I’m the only one taking exception to his decision to stiff Mother Teresa, then let him try taking a stroll down 34th Street on the evening of August 26.

Contact Daniel Hernandez, the PR genius for the Empire State Building:

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