The politically correct police would like to make Easter disappear, which is why they favor Spring Egg Hunts to Easter Egg Hunts. We decided to track when this phenomenon occurred, and here’s what we found.

There were no reported Spring Egg Hunts in the 1980s until 1988 and 1989; there was one in each of those years. From 1990-1994, there was an average of 2.6 Spring Egg Hunts. From 1995-1999 the average jumped to 10.8. And from 2000 to date, the average is 28.

What’s driving this? A local official living in Milford, Connecticut confessed before Easter that “One person said we’d offend someone if we call it an Easter Egg Hunt, that’s all it took.” Isn’t that sensitive? No one complained yet the decision to neuter the event was done anyway. Those who think this is a blue state trend, think again: four towns in Georgia have censored Easter events by calling them “Children’s Egg Hunt,” etc.

Look for Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade” to be renamed the “Spring Parade,” though we doubt the author of “I’m Dreaming of a White Holiday” would approve. We are delighted to know that “Page Six”—the celebrity page of the New York Post—picked up this story on April 15. Shame on those responsible for trying to make Easter invisible.

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