Makers of holiday greeting cards show great unevenness in their handling of Christian, Jewish and Muslim holidays.  To be specific, a review of the greeting cards available on the home page of Yahoo! reveal the following:

  • There are over 350 Christmas cards yet only 25 have a religious content.  There are at least 8 objectionable cards in the “Humorous” and “Naughty” categories.  For example, these categories have cards that show naked buttocks, animals urinating, Santa on the toilet, etc.
  • Most of the 48 Hanukkah cards show a picture of a menorah or a Star of David.  Of the 5 “Humorous” cards, none was as offensive as any of the Christmas cards in this category.  There was no “Naughty” category.
  • The 66 Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr cards were all respectful of Islam and most showed a star and crescent.  There were no “Humorous” or “Naughty” categories.
  • All the Kwanzaa cards were respectful and there were no “Humorous” or “Naughty” categories.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“American Greetings is the worst offender of the mainline greeting card producers.  By far the most obscene producer is Tomato cards.  It has a card this year that mocks the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“What this just goes to show is that there is a contempt for Christianity among our elites in this country that has no rival.  Sometimes the bias they sport is subdued and other times it is not.  But that it exists is beyond question.  Dumbing down Christmas is very important to these people otherwise they wouldn’t be working overtime to get the job done.  We will do our best to inform the public as to their agenda.”

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