In an August 2 monologue, Bill Maher made much of the pope’s remarks about not judging homosexuals for who they are, but none of his quips were below the belt. However, he couldn’t stop there.

Maher noted he would be away for the next five weeks, and offered his predictions for what the headlines will be while away. On the screen was a mock-up of the Fox News webpage, the headline of which read, “Pope Francis Moves to Massachusetts, Marries Longtime Companion.” Below the headline was a picture of the pope and an elderly man.

At the time, Ramadan was just ending. Maher had many chances to stick it to Muslims, but he demurred. His reticence was not based on ethics—he has none—it was based on fear. On the other hand, his hatred of Catholicism, which is pathological, continues to be expressed. That’s because he has no fear of being retaliated against.

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