Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Bill Maher’s Friday night show:

On his November 17 show, Bill Maher proved once again what a coward he is. He had ample opportunity to discuss the pathologically sick acts of Louis C.K., but just like the week before, he never addressed him by name, opting to make light of his conduct. One can only assume that in the circles Maher runs in that masturbating in front of your date is not uncommon.

Maher spoke up about Al Franken, only to say that he “doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with Roy Moore, or Kevin Spacey, or Harvey Weinstein.” He’s right about that, but not for the reasons he thinks.

Unlike Moore, who, however unconvincing, maintains his innocence, we have pictures of Franken molesting a woman. And both Spacey and Weinstein have confessed to their abusive behavior. Which makes Maher’s half-hearted defense of Franken particularly gross. Moreover, now that a second woman has come forward accusing Franken of molesting her, Maher’s response looks even more enfeebled.

Besides defending his perverted colleagues, Maher found time to stick it to Christians again. Toward the end of his show, he said that “Since this is our last show before Christmas, let’s never lose sight of the true meaning of the season. It’s not about presents and fruit cake and putting up extra lights to show you love Jesus more than your neighbor. It’s about a teenage virgin getting knocked up by God.”

Time Warner and HBO continue to hide behind the argument that Maher is a comedian. But so is Louis C.K., and that didn’t stop the corporate brass from dumping him. Franken, of course, was a comedian when he molested the woman in the photo, yet almost no one is giving him a pass.

Why, then, does Time Warner and HBO continue to stand by Maher?

Contact Keith Cocozza: Senior VP for Corporate Communications:

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