USA/Bill Donohue comments on the November 15 episode of Bill Maher’s HBO show:

Maher can’t perform without attacking Catholics. In his latest rant, he took after the pope, Sarah Palin, and Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

The skit was a series of mock tweets featuring the pope and Palin.

  • Pope: “Listening to you, I’m reconsidering my stance on birth control.”
  • Palin: “Yeah. How’s that sex with teenage boys working out for you?”
  • Pope: “I don’t know. How’d it work out for your daughter?”

Hollywood, and the entertainment world in general, hates Catholicism; and it also hates Sarah Palin. No matter how vicious Maher gets with the pope, he’ll never pay a price in the circles he runs in. It would be interesting to know something about his writers: their religion, their ethnicity, their politics, their upbringing, their home, their habits, etc. It could make for quite a documentary.

Contact HBO executive producer, Nancy Geller:

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